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To stimulate thoughts, ignite discussions and foster the exchange of ideas in the Westhive Innovation Ecosystem, Westhive publishes articles on a regular basis on this blog. You will find topics like coworking, digitalization, innovation, customer centricity and much more. We wish you a great read. 

Attract, Hire and Keep Talent

Oct 10, 2019

Finding the right employee can be hard. As a company, one will again and again be confronted with growth and the acquisition of new employees. The process can be daunting, time-consuming and expensive. But with high risk comes high reward and creating an appropriate and motivated team is...

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Travelling in 2018 – Or how to travel "Smartphone Only" [Experience Report]

Oct 24, 2018

Call me silly, but this time I set the goal to use only my smartphone to handle the whole trip to the US, either use native apps or mobile sites to make reservations, bookings, find restaurants, find sightseeing’s, get entertained or whatever else would be needed. It all started with using the ...

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