Finding the right employee can be hard. As a company, one will again and again be confronted with growth and the acquisition of new employees. The process can be daunting, time-consuming and expensive. But with high risk comes high reward and creating an appropriate and motivated team is essential in a growing company! Our inhouse startup Voy Talent is specialized on this process and created a platform where employers and employees can come together to attract, hire and keep. At our Hands-on Strategy Session they shared some of their acquired knowledge to various employers, trying to make the process easier and more profitable for all players. Find out which points to consider whilst Attracting, Hiring and Keeping new talent.

As a company you must be transparent about what you are offering and can promise to a future employee. By making false promises, you will not only create issues later on but you will also be creating a bad working environment, by attracting the wrong people. Therefore, to attract the people you want in your team, you must be transparent with your conditions, wishes and expectations.  Display your advantages and let them know the pros and cons to working for you and your team!

When it comes to hiring it is important to keep a couple of things in mind, as it can be a long and expensive process. But if you find an employee that suits your team and company, it can come with a very high reward.

  • Ask yourself what kind of person you are looking for. Where do you need a set of extra hands and what budget are you willing to invest in a new employee? What kind of person will fit into your team and the company you are trying to grow? With these questions in mind, one has to define its own needs. As soon as these are formed, one will have to be very specific and critical with the incoming applications. If they do not fit your needs, you should not waste your time or theirs.
  • If you use tests to filter through the candidates, choose wisely. An IQ test is probably not going to give you useful information on how the person will cope with issues on the job.
  • Do not favor people like you. Instead look for differences so that your team will be compiled of different views and ideas. As research shows, that diversification is key to success within a company.
  • If you are sure you want to eliminate someone from the application process, let them know immediately. As there is no point in prolonging the process, if you are sure that someone will not fit your company's needs, let them know that they are not the right for the job.
  • On the contrary: React quickly if you feel like an application is the perfect fit, as good workers are usually not on the job market for too long.
  • Let your team choose the new employee with you. The more perspectives you get on an applicant, the better.
  • Lastly: Try to get a sense of the candidate’s ambitions. Why do they want to work for you? Are they just looking for a job and a monthly paycheck? Or are they looking for experience? Another step in growing their career? This is an important question, as an employee’s ambitions should align with the company's.

Loyalty today is not what it used to be. With a fast-changing economy, employees are moving quickly from one job to another. Especially millennials are hard to keep nowadays. Therefor it is important to try and keep the good people you have acquired over the years. By creating a good working culture and environment a company can keep their employees from leaving for another employer. By motivating them and letting them be a part of the company and its mission, even the millennials will want to stay and grow in their job. Companies are now realizing that a paycheck cannot convince an employee to stay. It is the culture. If you create an environment where employees can flourish and grow, they will most likely want to stick and grow with your company.


Voy Talent GmbH helps people get the most out of their professional life, identifying their passion, dream career and job. Pernilla & Stella also help organizations create the best possible conditions to attract, hire and keep in-demand talents.

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